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This is the web site of comedian Tessie Chua.
Enter at your own risk.

Tessie Chua is one tell-it-like-it-is kinda lady.  Chua's comedy career has and taken off and this San Francisco favorite is amazing audiences with her highly ascerbic, yet insanely sensitive
point of view on daily life.

Tessie Chua stomps onto the stage flinging jokes left and right, immediately dispelling stereotypical myths concerning Asian American Women.  Short, angry and clever, she is a self-appointed spokesperson.  While fulfilling her sacred duty to set the record straight with the "real truth" about Asian Pacific Americans, Tessie welcomes you into her world where everything ends up intensely funny and then gets even more weird. 



Comedian Tessie Chua has startled and rocked comedy audiences from NY to California.  She has shared the stage with Robin Williams, Robert Schimmel, Brian Copeland and Tom Rhodes.  Tessie Chua is a comedian that delivers the comedy goods while she faces the audience, head on, with a take-no-prisoners stance.


I was in an abusive relationship... but then I got tired of beating up the same guy!